Let's get to know each other!

I'm Lindsay, nice to meet you.

I hope to soon have the pleasure of getting to know you and your partner, and working with you on your wedding day.
Having recently moved to Charleston, SC, I am so excited and inspired to create amazingly gorgeous, artful memories for couples in love. 
I am definitely an animal lover, and I totally love when pets are brought along on photo sessions.
I enjoy getting to know my home, and I've been having a great time finding great bars and restaurants, and new places to visit. Traveling is awesome, and I plan on doing so much more of that in the near future! Oh, and the beach is the best thing, ever.
I love photography, and I love weddings. I absolutely do. That being said, I keep myself challenged, and strive to try new things at every wedding or session. I love to create works of art, break rules, showcase bold color, play with light, embrace quirkiness, while emphasizing elegance, luxury, and romance, and above all else, be myself and have a blast while doing it! I also strive to create a stress-free experience for each couple. I want you to have even more of a blast than I will have, of course!

I love working with couples who want to be themselves, too. No one is the same, and a couple should be able to celebrate their uniqueness during their session, and wedding day. I'll be right alongside you, honoring your individuality, in my perspective. The road to the final result of beautiful photo memories may sound daunting, as planning a wedding can take a lot of work! I am here to help you along the way with any assistance you may need, even if it's not photo related - I will do whatever I can to help! Not only do I want you to be comfortable and ecstatic, celebrating your day your way, I also want to present you with the gorgeous photos that will remind you of that, and will also be cherished for lifetimes to come. 
Whether you’re stepping outside the box and you're having an offbeat wedding,, or you're having a traditional wedding, I’m here for you. I welcome all types of couples. Everyone deserves to celebrate their union openly, equally, and happily, while embracing what makes them THEM. With that, everyone deserves beautiful photos to remember their special moments forever.

and I am all about that!

this is your day

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